Aye! Ye landlubbers, salty dogs, and scurvy knaves.. some free booty for you!

Ahoy, me hearties! All hands hoay!
Have ye sailed t’ seven seas ye say? Where be t’ proof? Where be t’ photos?” Come on! What be ye waitin’ for? 
Get yerself ready t’ have all sorts o’ fun wearin’ eye patches and shoutin’ thin’s like  “Avast, mateys!” and “Shiver me timbers!” 
Just be careful wavin’ that hook around. Ye could put n’ eye out!
And all of yer who do not dare t’ participate?
Aye, ye better or yer scallywags might just have t’ walk t’ plank, ye pustulant, pox-ridden flounder!

Blow me down! Today me have some new pages t’ show ye..
Made with t’ kit “On The Seas” by B2N2 Scraps found on Ginger Scraps. 50% off till July 5th.
Me also have some free booty for ye like a cluster made t’ kit and some word bits that fits.
Ye want to see? Weigh anchor! Hoist the mizzen!!!

Here are yer free booty, me promised.. ya mangey cockroach! 
First the t’ words bits for ye.. Download directly me Arr! Word bits here ye lazy lubbers!

Second.. t’ cluster for ye scurvy bilge rat,. ya pompous gasbag.
Download t’ cluster directly here ye varmint!

Lookit me new pages..
It’s not often me make scenic pages.. but me had fun making this one with my dear nephew Leon.
150702_TonjeGram_Avast, mateys!  
150701_TonjeGram_Shandart1  150701_TonjeGram_Shandart2 
150701_TonjeGram_PhotoUp-gs 150702_TonjeGram_Arrr_gs

The previews of t’ packs in t’ kit are linked. T’ get them yer have t’ use yer hard earned doubloons, 
but o’ course they be filled with all ye need t´make yer own pirate, boat and sea themed pages..
B2N2S_OTS_ElementsPirateGS B2N2S_OTS_ElementsGS B2N2S_OTS_PatternsGS B2N2S_OTS_SolidsGS

Arrr! Shiver me timbers! Me hope you had fun readin..

Ya know, darlin’.. if ye like me subscribe to B2N2 Scraps newsletter ye get this.. friday.
If not.. Go to her blog and subscribe.. ye scallywags!
A huge thanks to B2N2 Scraps for allowing me to share.
Remember: If you sort your stash by designers remember to place these under B2N2 Scraps

She sells both at Gotta Pixel and Ginger Scraps

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