Freebie: To The Moon Cluster Frame

Do you remember Stargate SG-1? That tv-series was my introduction to Science Fiction.
I loved it! The idea of exploring other planets sounds so fascinating. 
So.. when I saw this kit “To The Moon” by Triple J Designs over at SnP.. I was so thrilled!
As you see above the papers are fun, bright and they all have amazing subtle texture.
There are also soo many incredible elements in this kit.. Here are a few of them.. at 100%.
The tape has a fantastic shine.. you just have to see it for yourself..
and the stitched stars looks stunning.. specially on one of the solid papers.
And the buttons.. Fantastic! LOVE threaded buttons!!
Oh, and look at the ribbon.. see the frayed edge? 

A quick tip for using the tape(s) in this kit:
Have two layers of the tape you want to use. Reduce opacity to e.g. 75% (or lower).
Place what you want to be taped between the tape layers.. e.g. a photo.
Clip the upper tape layer to e.g. the photo (ctrl+alt+G).
Add subtle shadow to the tape.. e.g.
Then add shadow to e.g. the photo.. and you’re done!

Here`s the pages I made with the kit: 

And I was allowed to make and share this freebie with you all..
Direct Download here or click the preview.

A huge thanks to Triple J Designs for allowing me to share.
Remember: If you sort your stash by designers remember to place these under Triple J Designs 

She sells at Scraps-n-Pieces

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