Hi.. my name is Tonje Gram, 43 years old.. and I`ve been scrapping for about 10 years.
My style is mostly contemporary, clean, airy, but I’ve been dabbling with blending and are curious about Art Journal.
Too much 3D and fantasy style doesn’t fit me. But I love trying out new things.. and often join challenges.

My native language is Norwegian and I live in.. Norway!
Yes, that tiny country in north.. with Fjords and all..
To compensate for being such a tiny country.. we’ve got high mountains..
but they doesn`t do much for me.. since I live by the coast..
In a tiny city called Sandefjord.. oh yeah it`s a Fjord here also.
We are about 2 hours, by car, south-west of the capital Oslo.

I just got myself a new PC, been saving for a year.. it`s awesome..
4 TB.. yes.. Terra Bytes.. Hard Disk.
Besides bragging about my new PC.. I love Sudoku, Photography (of course)..
I knit while watching films.. I read most genre except horror.. mostly I prefer Historical drama.
Oooh.. and 80% Dark Chocolate.. Addicted..
On my new shiny PC I`ve got tons of pictures taken in Peru,
and photos of our Garden (Hundreds of different flowers/plants/trees), our boat at sea..
+ family, friends, food, daytrips.. just to mention a few themes.. ready to be scrapped with.
Got Photoshop CS3 and CS6 (but prefer CS3).

I have two sons.. but only one living at home (the oldest moved out..)
Felix, my youngest.. is so creative and often hangs over my back when I am scrapping
and comes with ideas and suggestions. You’ll see I make a scrapper out of him.
He has autism.. and we spend a lot of time together.. Just him and me.
Together we often go on trips and photograph.. we both have decent cameras
and it is a activity that doesn’t require much social skills.
Lots of the pictures I scrap is taken by him..
and it makes him so proud to see pretty pages with his pics.

Please ignore my curly sentences (?) English is my second language.
The spellchecker brightens up my text with red lines..
– but it doesn’t help me with building sentences.

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