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Aye! Ye landlubbers, salty dogs, and scurvy knaves.. some free booty for you!

Ahoy, me hearties! All hands hoay!Have ye sailed t’ seven seas ye say? Where be t’ proof? Where be t’ photos?” Come on! What be ye waitin’ for? Get yerself ready t’ have all sorts o’ fun wearin’ eye patches and shoutin’ thin’s like  “Avast, mateys!” and “Shiver me timbers!” Just be careful wavin’ that hook around. Ye could put n’ […]

Freebie PU and CU – England

Here`s my parts of the June 2015 Blog Train from Pixel ScrapperONE CU download and ONE PU downloadI recommend you check out the train.. See a few previews in the end of this post.Both professional designers and members has joined.. lots of goodies! Some even for commercial use! Yay! Click the preview to Direct Download. To […]

FreebieCU: Renewal

So here`s my second contribution to Pixelscrapper`s Blog Train. Look at the post below for more info, previews of just a few of the goodies.. more cu stuff.. Here are a CU-Brush and some .png files you can play with. Click the image for a Direct Link: